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Friday, July 8, 2011

I’ll Take Weiner For $49.95

Weiner, Weiner, Weiner.

Until other titillating news overtook The Great Weiner Scandal of 2011, all of America seemed to be enthralled with this goofy bastard.

If you’ve been living in Zimbabwe or something and don’t know about this, Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught twittering inappropriate pictures of his crotch (are there any “appropriate” pictures of one’s crotch?) to women across the U.S.

Now he’s decided to give up his seat. Isn’t that what he was trying to get those women to do? Give up their seats?

Ba-dum-dum! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

So what will the lad do with all of his time now?

Perhaps he should become a photographer. He’s certainly shown a proclivity for self-portraiture.

Or maybe he can get a job at this place:
I just don't think I could eat anything from this building.
I'll bet he could help this place get some business:
Or he could even help to develop children's this one:
Yay!  Meat!

I doubt he’s getting any money from this, but Herobuilders has come up with an Anthony Weiner doll. The basic model is $39.95.

However, there is also an anatomically correct version of the doll that is $49.95.

{cricket, cricket}

Am I the only one that finds it hilarious that the doll WITH the penis is only $10 more than the PG-13 version? Guess the doll-makers weren’t too impressed with Anthony’s wiener.

Perhaps I shouldn’t call it a doll. I think it’s actually considered an “action-figure,” which is code for “little-boys-wanna-play-with-dolls-too-but-their-daddies-won’t-let-them-so-they-made-up-a-fake-macho-name-for-them.”

Like G.I. Joe was an action figure. Hey…I wonder if the Weiner doll has the kung fu grip too?

Thank you very much!  Please remember to tip your waitresses!


  1. HA. A childrens game that is flipping hilarious.

    Did you read my post about this weiner?

  2. Damnit, that first one is just too gross.

  3. hahahaha that very first picture.... there's a name for a sexual position that resembles that. I can't believe I'm slightly turned on by that picture.

  4. Yeah, just another he whines on TV and says he's sorry. boo freakin' hoo. Lame arrogant bastard.

    yeah- I have a slight issue with liars and cheats at the moment...