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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 2 - Bachelor 2014 - Juan Pabloooo

Okay, now the fun begins.  Girls getting date cards, other girls getting pissy because they didn't get a date card, and yet other girls going topless.  Wait. What?  Read on, dear reading people.

The first one-on-one date went to Clare!  She's a real cutie patootie with a good personality.  The producers and other T.V. people rented snow machines to turn a little corner of L.A. into a winter wonderland for the couple.  Clare and JPab sledded down a hill. Or was that a toboggan?  Shit, I don't know.  I'm from Texas, people!  Then they ice skated, which Clare was not very good at, but she laughed and had a great time with it.  Afterwards, that lucky gal got to give Juan a back rub in the hot tub.  Then she talked about her dad dying, which really should have been a mood killer, but they ended up cuddling in the hot tub after that.  Good date, overall, and she got the date rose and some very hot kisses. Toward the end, they had a private concert by Josh Krajcik, whose smoky voice lent a very romantic air to the night.  I'm thrilled they didn't start the year off with another damn helicopter ride; however, they did keep alive the hot tub cliche'.  But.....I'm willing to let it slide, because ummmm, Juan Pablo without a shirt.  That's all.

In The Meantime, Back At The Mansion
I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of this black box this season.
Lucy the "free spirit" (what exactly is the salary for a "free spirit?") was hanging out with the girls....with her girls hanging out.  Yep, just standing in a hot tub with a swim bottom and no top.  All the other girls were sitting, and I kept thinking, "Sit down already, ya free spirit chica!  You look awkward."  It's like she was trying to show off.  Well, at least the girl knows how to get camera time.  She will definitely be invited to the next Bachelor Pad, if that show is still in the works.

Next to get an individual date was Kat.  They boarded a private jet, but JPabs wouldn't tell her where they were going.  In an interview, she speculated that maybe they would go to New York City, "where it's, like, romantic; it's private; it's just the two of us."  I had to rewind that to make sure she really made that statement about the most populated city in the U.S.  Over 8 million people live there, dear, and there's more than 27,000 people per square mile.  {Sigh}  So, Juan and Kat get dressed up in neon flashing clothes and accessories and land in Salt Lake City.  Kat's outfit was totally adorable (totes adorbs?), by the way.  They were at the Electric Run, which is like a dancing 5K.  This was by far the coolest Bachelor date EVER, even though thinking about 5K usually makes me slightly nauseous.  At the end of the run, they got up onstage and danced together, and Juan gave her the rose.

Group Date
The girls are having a photo shoot with some cute shelter dogs.  They actually showed footage of one dog trying to hump another, and of dogs peeing and dropping a deuce.  Gee, thanks, ABC.  I was trying to eat Nutter Butters over here!  Anyhoo, the girls got dressed up to kind of match the dogs they would be shooting with.  Everything was going swimmingly, until Elise and Andi were given just a sign to wear.  Otherwise, they were to be nude, and this was understandably freaking them out.  Elise went to talk to the director, and he told her that it's not about what she's wearing, it's about helping a good cause.  Ummmm, then give them some clothes to wear, since a naked woman IN NO WAY will make people want to adopt a dog any more than a girl in a swimsuit.  It can make you lose your job, but that's not important to Mr. Big-Time Director.  Elise got smart and traded costumes with Lucy, who was very nice about the whole thing, since she likes being naked anyway.  Andi was still stuck with being nude, but Juan Pablo told her he was going to do it with her.  And not in a creepy way either.  He was being really comforting and sweet.  So, Andi, Juan, and Lucy posed nude with a dog.  Boy, I tell you, I really feel like adopting a dog after seeing that...NOT!  I would, however, adopt Juan Pabloooo.

The after-party included a rooftop and lots of couches, as per Bachelor Rules and Regulations.  Cassandra told JP that she has a son who is almost 2, and he seemed excited about it.  Renee wanted a kiss, but didn't get one.  Victoria had way too much wine, and Nikki quietly told her she needed to tone it down.  Vic was insisting she was sober, while simultaneously slurring and weaving a bit.  She eventually went cuckoo pants and started running all over the hotel in a drunken rant.  The Bachelor staff put her in a room to sleep it off, and JP gently sent her home the next morning.  Oh, and Kelly got the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony
Here are the Week 2 survivors:

And we said good-by to: 


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