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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swingers, pubic hair, and naked bicycle booties

I would like to preface this post by adamantly insisting that I am not an anti-kid person. I adore the little ankle biters and love being around them. However, it seems reasonable to me to occasionally (like every 20 years or so) want a peaceful, romantic getaway where no kids are allowed. You know, a place where you can relax by the pool or on the beach without hearing this from someone’s kid every 5 freakin’ seconds: “Hey, watch this. Hey! Hey, mom! Hey, watch this. Ok, now watch me do it backwards. Where’s dad? Hey, dad! Watch this!” If I wanted to hear that, I would have stayed at home and been annoyed by my own kid.

I was researching vacations where no kids are allowed. Let me give you some advice…don’t type in “adult only vacation” into your search engine.... Ok, I’ll wait here while you go type it in.


Yeah, if you search adult only vacation, you will get some info you really didn’t want to know about. Well, maybe some of you want this info…you freaks!

I was really wanting something tropical, like an island, so I tried another search. Now, whatever you do, DO NOT search for “adult exotic vacation.” *Sigh* I’ll wait for you while you go do it. You bastards never listen to me…
 {Jeopardy theme playing here}

Errr, I’m pretty sure I typed in “exotic” and not “erotic,” but I still found lots of swinger’s resorts and clothing optional resorts.

Option #1

Let’s start with the clothing optional resorts. I searched 'til my eyeballs hurt, but I didn’t see anything on the websites about a weight limit at these places. Ummm, perhaps this would be wise for all involved. It seems like it would be hard to get all romantic with your honey when you have people looking like Rosie O’Donnell or John Goodman walking around butt-ass naked. On the other hand, you throw Matthew McConaughey’s fine naked ass on a beach, and I am there, dude!

Oh yeah!  That's what mama likes!
But why is he always wearing pants?

And what about the waitresses and the chefs? Do you want your food to be cooked or served by somebody who is not wearing pants? Just think about what I’m saying for a minute. If you need a hint, listen to this song.

No, seriously this song is funny as shit! Go click on that link!

One of the other things that really bothers me is that they offer complimentary bicycles at the clothing optional resorts. Ewwww, just….ewwww. I don’t think I could even sit naked on a chair some other naked person had sat on, much less put my ass on a bicycle seat that’s been in someone else’s nether regions. GAG!

Option #2

Then there are the swingers’ resorts. From reading the reviews, it sounds like the parties at these places get pretty wild.
Sweet baby Jesus!  WTF is that?

Most of the swingers' resorts are clothing optional as well. Apparently people have nothing against getting it on with strangers in public…at parties, in the stairwell, in the pool.

Wait, in the pool? Now I don’t think I’m a prude, but if a couple of strangers start having sexy times in the pool, I’m outta there. My greatest fear is that something like this would happen:

Can you just imagine the shit floating around in a pool where people have been boppin’ the kitty, putting the salami in the fridge, checking the oil, plowing cheeks, or hiding Herman the one-eyed German? I refuse to swim in a pool where someone is getting waterlogged, if ya know what I mean.

I just wonder what kind of people swing like this? Perhaps foxy twins looking for a foursome?
Someone pour bleach in my eyes - NOW!
Oh, here’s a match for these ladies! Might as well keep it in the family. Inbreeding seems to be a lifestyle choice for these folks.

Who wants to swing with these party boys?

Hey, I'm pretty good at this match-making thing.  I think I'll try to help some more people out there.  In case you're a swinger or are interested in trying it, here are some other potential hook-ups for you and your significant other.

To me, this looks like a great couple to get with!  The guy seems to be up for anything, as shown by his thumbs up and jolly smile.  And the "lady," well...what can I say about her?  The athletic shoes illustrate that she's sporty and fun.  Then you've got the sheer top for a little sexiness, and the pearls and hairdo seem to add a touch of class, don't ya think?

Oh, this would be a fine pair for any potential swingers.  They like to color-coordinate, and they do it so well!  While the lady is dressed so formally, she's showing that she also has a casual side by showing off her shoes she got from Goodwill.  What a great girl!  I'll bet she's a barrel (or 10) of laughs, even though just by looking at her, you would think she's just another pretty face.  And the fellow, well, he's just another pretty face.  Sometimes a woman's gotta have her eye candy.

Snappy dressers - what more do you need?

If you're going for sexy, well...who wouldn't want a piece of this action?  The girl is rocking magenta hair (so hip), and the dude is very sporty with his matching headband.  You can tell that this guy is obsessive about maintaining a healthy lifestyle because he is wearing those stockings that make you look gay prevent blood clots.  I like that he's embraced his feminine side with the go-go boots, but like a real man, he doesn't shave his ass!  That's the best of both worlds right there, folks!

Wow!  I am so freakin' good at finding matches for you guys!  The man in this pic is totally bringing sexy back with that hairdo.  And the dear lady must be the most considerate person in the world.  She has brought a snack for her swinging partners.  She actually has an entire ham in her pants.  Never mind that it's tearing her best pair of sexy pants...she will sacrifice for you!  What a gal!

Well, my darlings, that's all I have for you today.  Please let me know if you're interested in doing the whole orgy swinging thing with any of these couples.  Next time, I think I will try to help some of you single dudes and ladies with more of my matchmaking skills.  It's ok!  No need to grovel with adoration and gratitude.'re making me blush!


  1. I'm actually really offended that you have an issue with my red cape and husband wearing a matching red shirt. It was a classy wedding. So what if he only has four teeth!

    Okay was going to get all dirty, but came really close to vomiting so I'll stop. But, seriously, is that Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel from The Simpsons? Good God.

    PS: I was laughing so hard my husband had to come in and see what the hell kind of tom foolery was going on. He laughed too!

  2. omg, the last picture. Is that her leg or her stomach. I just can't tell.

    and the snappy dressers? How did you find my picture?

  3. Gini, you know I'm all about tomfoolery! Dazee, please tell me WTF that is on your shirt, you snappy dresser, you! Ummm, and I'm pretty sure it's her stomach.

  4. Ok I laughed until I cried!!! You crack me up Girlfriend!!!!!

  5. let the chick with the blue leggings know she can take those pants back for a refund...i totally just did it at target when my pants tore to shreds like that. i wish my jeans fell apart due to ham though...wah, i want some ham...

  6. Well, SumSum, just hook up with this couple, and she will bring the ham!

  7. I need rinse my eyes out with bleach right now!! LOL, a ham, gross! Her F.U.P.A. is out of control (front upper pussy area).

  8. holy crap, you should at least offer a drink before viewing

  9. Fries - Margaritas are served at noon. Check back tomorrow!

  10. Oh mah gawd!! First-timer here...and I jumped in on THIS?? LMAO!!
    I will sooooo be back!!