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Friday, August 13, 2010

My hero can kick your hero's ass!

My husband and I went to the movies tonight. We saw The Other Guys, which was freaking hilarious, by the way. (Side note: Do not take the kids to this movie unless you want to do a lot of 'splaining about vaginas, orgies, and pimps.)

Anyway, as we were leaving the theater, we saw several cop cars in the parking lot with lights flashing. Uh oh! What the hell? Was there a vehicle break-in? Rape? Murder? on to find out the dastardly details.

We noticed two young men in the back of a police car. Whew! At least the heinous criminals had been apprehended. Hubby asked a police officer what had happened.

Apparently, the two yoots had been to see The Expendables, starring every blockbuster action hero ever to grace the silver screen. I mean, this movie is just full of testosterone! So the young theater goers were having what I assume was a very mature discussion about which actor from the movie could kick the most ass. One of the geniuses insisted that Rambo could kick the Terminator's ass, and the other young genius took offense, stating that the Terminator was clearly the more dominant hero. Things allegedly escalated from there, and the two yoots proceeded to get into a slobber-knocker of a fist fight. At this point, the police were called and Einstein and Copernicus were arrested.

Oh. My. Gawd. Is this really worth fighting about and going to jail for? Is it really that important to agree on which fictional character could kick the other one's ass? This had to be one of the stupidest fights EVER!

So on the way home, hubby and I started discussing other movie heroes. I said that I didn't think the Terminator or Rambo could kick Edward Cullen's ass. I mean, he's so fast and strong, right? Hubby postulated that Harry Potter could beat any of them with his magical talent. Honestly, I thought he was flippin' crazy (Cullen would totally destroy Potter!), but we were very mature in our disagreement. Well, hubby did call me a damn fool and tried to kick me out of the truck, but I hit him in the head with my purse and made him keep driving.

I'll let you khow how the rest of our "discussion" goes after he finishes getting stitches in his head and I make bail. Until then.....


  1. Cullen would destroy Potter... duh! And he is hot. But not as hot as that werewolf. Hmmm yummy.

  2. I so want to see that movie, The Expendables.. I am an action movie junkie!!
    PS: Team Potter- because he at least combs his hair!

  3. While reading the books, I'm Team Edward because he's got possessiveness down to a sexy science. While watching the movies, I'm Team Jacob because, well, Hmmm yummy (to quote Annah).

    Potter is pretty awesome too, but not hot. For some reason, my husband didn't factor hotness into his ass-kicking equation.

    I think The Expendables will be great too, Holly.

    By the way, my daughter's b-day is this week, and she is having 2 cakes, one Team Jacob and one Team Edward. Team Edward is gonna be red velvet cake. It will look nasty, but taste great, I'm sure!

  4. I've got to see Expendables because I KNOW that convo will come up with the Sexy Beast and that would definitely turn into good blog fodder!