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Monday, August 16, 2010

What's Your Answer?

1. If a flight to the moon was as cheap as airfare, you you go?
Hell, I can't even afford airfare! But if I could, I would definitely go to the moon so I could get some moonrocks to throw at the Kardashians...all of them...I'm tired of looking at them! Regular rocks would not properly express my hatred of these bimbos.

2. Did you ever kiss someone you didn't know?
This one band camp... Oh, wait, that was something else. Ummm, no to the kissing a stranger. You've gotta buy me dinner first! Though I have been known to kiss on the 1st date.

3. Would you reboard an airplane that had to land because of a problem?
Probably not. What if that were one of the times God was trying to overtly tell you something and you didn't listen. Also, I've seen Final Destination waaaay too many times!

4. What is the saddest thing you've ever seen while driving down the road?
Someone laying on the road after a motorcycle accident. No, I wasn't the one that hit them! Though I was hit by a motorcycle when I was a teenager. Yes, there were cars and motorcycles way back then, smartasses!

5. Have you ever had a dream that warned you of something?
Yes, last night I had a dream that told me I shouldn't have eaten that burrito before bed. Does that count?


  1. hahaha, #5 cracked me up. And I loved your reason for going to the moon.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. I never know what you might say or come up with next, I love it ;)

  3. Gack! I remember #4. I will never forget the way his leg was bent in a couple of extra places.

  4. {sticking my tongue out at Todd}

  5. Hey! That memory was happily repressed, suppressed, and in general minding it's own business until you blogged it to the surface. I figured it was only fair to share.