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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old people ROCK!

This video is serving as my post for today.  Don't complain, just enjoy!  Click on "Granny kicks ass" below.

Granny kicks ass!

It really needs no comment, but, shit, that just wouldn't be ME!  So here ya go:

1.  Notice that the dog in the video is totally oblivious to all of the awesomeness going on behind him.  Poor dog doesn't know what he's missing!
2.  I love how she doesn't even put down her bag, and she still rocks it out.  She just switches that bag from hand to hand with the greatest of ease.  Someone's been practicing....
3.  Exactly how do you get one's hair that color?  Is there actually a hair dye called, "Bright and Fugly?"  It is the perfect combination of red, orange, pink, and (dare I say) purple.
4.  She needs to wear a bra.
5.  None of the people seem to even be watching her.  Good Lord, if I walked by a granny bustin' some moves like that, I would stop and throw dollars at her!  Or perhaps I would show her some of my own moves.  I often have the urge to dance in public, which is why my husband and daughter won't go anywhere with me unless I'm restrained by a leash or a straightjacket.  Some people just don't appreciate the art of fine dancing.  I say they are uncouth and uncivilized!

Ok, that's all.


  1. Whoa! Look at that booty shake! Nice. I'm kinda bummed that I don't have moves like that.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about nobody even watching. Weird

    Ok, we can never be in public together. Cuz I totally would start dancing with you. I do that once in a while when I want to crack my grandkids up. At least I only do that in my own home. hehe

  3. That's hilarious. There was this old lady at my friends 30th bday party who was doing like 80s workout moves while the band was playing. She could have definitely learned something from this bad ass granny on Youtube.

    Even, I'm a little jealous. I had to watch it twice.