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Sunday, May 8, 2011

OMG! Am I Going To Get Sappy Here?

First of all, I would like to say that my sister, Lacy, is AWESOME! 

Really, she didn't even bribe me with bacon to say that.  I came up with it all on my own!

Wanna know what she did?  Do ya?  Do ya?

Ok, keep your pants on (except for you there can take yours off).  I'm gonna tell you.

My sister made a beautiful pictorial tribute to our mom and put it on YouTube. 

My mom.  Isn't she lovely?  (Just say, "YES!")

Our mom died in 2000 before she could see either of her beautiful grandbabies, who I will describe for you now.  Briefly, so you don't get bored.

My daughter is Miss Smarty Pants (MSP), and she was born in 2001.  My sister's baby, who we will call Rocker Dude (RD) was born in 2009.  RD is so named because the child is not even 2 years old, and he already LOVES guitars.  He likes to hold them, play them, look at them, lick them, what-ever-the-hell, just give the boy a 'tar and he is dandy.

So, without further ado, here is the video.  I've narrated the pics below, just in case you give a shit who all these people are.  Also, there are very sexy pictures of my legs included, so try to control your libidos, folks!

Ok, I guess that was WITH further ado, but now there's no more ado, so here is the video:

So, who the heck are these people?

1.  Our grandma (Mom's mother)
2.  Mom's parents
3-6.  Pics of my mom wearing a selection of corny glasses from the 60s and 70s.
7.  Mom and Dad - damn weirdos!
8.  Me and Mom with a goat and a weird farmer dude.  This is why I have an aversion to farms to this day!
9.  Mom - more glasses
10.  Bringing my baby sis home from the hospital.  That's me with the sexy legs.  I'm not sure how those skinny things didn't break in half.  Good Lord!
11. Me and Dad
12.  Mom and me holding kids at a birthday party.  I think that's my sister trying to stick her head in the cake.
13.  Mom and Lacy (my little sis) - They are so sweet when they're asleep, right?
14.  Me, Mom, Lacy
15.  Dad, Mom, and me holding Lacy.  As you can tell, I got my sexy legs from my dad...but not my socks...
16.  Lacy as a baby on the left. Me as a baby on the right.  Don't write it out loud on here, but feel free to e-mail me privately if you think I'm cuter.
17.  My husband and me.
18.  Me lookin' all professional
19.  Me and Dad.  Grandma in the background picking her teeth.
20.  My and my husband - gettin' ready to ROCK!
21.  My sis, Lacy, at her high school graduation (the year after Mom died).
22.  My cute sister!
23.  Lacy
24.  Lacy and Jerry Garcia...oh, wait!  That's our dad.
25.  Lacy
26.  My wedding day;  My sister's wedding day.
27.  Me and Dad;  Lacy and Dad - at our weddings.
28.  Me after swallowing an entire ham.  No.  Wait.  I was just pregnant.  Damn!
29.  Lacy with a cute little pregnant belly.  I'm going to slap her next time I see her.
30.  Holding my daughter for the 1st time.
31.  Lacy holding her son for the 1st time.
32.  Dad with MSP (1st grandchild)
33.  Dad with RD (1st grandson)
34.  Lacy with my baby
35.  Me with Lacy's baby
36.  Me and MSP
37.  Lacy and RD
38.  Sister and her family
39.  Dad, Lacy, me, and MSP at Lacy's nursing school graduation.
40.  Husband dancing with MSP
41.  My husband playing 'tar with RD
42.  Lacy with MSP at Miley Cyrus concert.
43.  Lacy and me
44.  Me, Dad, Lacy
45.  Lacy - thinking she's a damn princess!  Whatever!
46.  Me giving the stank eye.  WHY????
47.  Daughter being prissy before she became a tomboy.
48.  MSP
49.  MSP the biker baby with my dad
50 - 52.  MSP
53.  RD and MSP - their 1st Christmas pics
54.  RD with his faux hawk - Rock on, dude!
55.  RD the chubby cheeked wonder!
56.  RD and his daddy
57.  RD with his 'tar!!!
58.  RD
59.  Bad hair day for my mom (top), MSP (middle), and RD (bottom)
60.  Siblings - my mom on the right.  Their aunt in the front
61.  Some of Mom's awesome sisters!  Love these girls!
62.  Mom in the middle with some of her brothers and sisters.
63.  Me and my sister lighting a candle in memory of our mom at Lacy's wedding.  She shoulda been there.  It's not fair.

If you're still here, thanks so much for sticking with me.  And please give my sister a standing ovation. 

Yes, right there at your computer.  Go ahead and do it now, and I'll make sure to pass it along.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!

And Mom, I miss you dearly, every single day of the year. 


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and Lacy. I love you both and loved your Susan too. She was a nut just like both of you. Does that run in the family?

  2. Still standing giving that ovation, which makes it really hard to type. just sayin.

    Happy mothers day to you

  3. That was beautiful and it made me all teary eyed and sappy. I sent you an email for mother's day. I hope you had a great mother's day.

  4. Lovely tribute! I gave her a mental standing ovation! That's far more involved and meaningful than just a regular standing one.

  5. Tammy - You know it runs in the family. Have you looked through a family photo album lately?

    Dazee - I would love to know what body part you're typing with. ;) Hugs to you!

    Oilfield - Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. It was a super day.

    PorkStar - Sorry I made you teary with my sappy stuff. And thank you bunches for the e-mail. That was super thoughtful of you!

    Sandra - Thanks! You do get extra points for degree of difficulty.